Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations

Jeevan offers wide range of clinical services in association with various major Indian CROs and hospitals. We execute trials with ample efforts and ensure that the trial is conducted as per the protocol and applicable guidelines/ regulations. Jeevan is committed to ensure patient rights, safety and data integrity.

Jeevan’s clinical operations technical team applies their therapeutic, regulatory and operational expertise to consistently solve the challenges that arise during all clinical trial projects.

BA / BE Studies

  • BA / BE studies on patients and healthy subjects
  • Jeevan execute the study through its qualified partner and our CRA monitor the conduct of study
  • Healthy subject and Patient based studies
  • Mixed Gender and Post menopausal studies
  • PK/PD end point studies
  • Single and Double blind studies
  • Execution of studies on various range of formulations injectable, Suspensions and liquids
  • Studies on Controlled drug substances
  • Single and Multiple dose studies (fast and fed)

Phase II to IV

  • Phase II to IV trials of diverse therapeutic areas
  • Clinical operations team has rich experience in conducting multi-centric and multi-national clinical trials

Trial Management

  • Our Project Managers work effectively and diligently to manage critical aspects of the study and ensure on-time delivery of results, within budget and with the high quality
  • Creation, collection and review of regulatory documentation
  • Correspondence with IRB/IEC and concerned authorities
  • Trial and site management
  • Management of budget and project timelines

Trial Monitoring

  • Our skilled and well-trained clinical research associates (CRAs) ensure the quality of data and maintains effective communication with study site coordination’s. Our CRAs conduct on-site visits on periodic basis during the study to
  • Oversee data collection
  • Review source data and case report forms
  • Ensure regulatory and protocol compliance
  • Resolve data queries